Darth Craft

“A revolutionary idea, handcrafted with highest quality materials,
all combined to ensure endless fun and excitement for the junior captains.”

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Hand crafting

This fantastic water toy is crafted with purpose, using the best materials and made by experienced craftsmen, for children to give them endless fun and excitement on the water. Darth Craft is the best toy you can have on your yacht for your loved ones.


Designed as the ultimate water toy specifically for children. The bold Italian design draws inspiration from sporty lines of race cars, motorcycles, jet skis and spaceships coupled with smart engineering solutions which make this craft a fun, robust and safe water zoomer. The Darth craft is fully customizable to the young captain’s wishes.


Our goal is to offer an unforgettable experience on the water, while providing great stability and maximum safety for your child. Darth Craft is unsinkable, powered by a 12V electrical circuit and a custom-made propeller tunnel which enhances maneuverability and acceleration.


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