With a flick of a switch, you can surge through water at speeds of up to 60 km/h with the help of a high-power engine.
Introducing the LOAWAI WAKE, the world’s most powerful e-Jetboard, which sets new premium-class standards in the world of water sports. Incorporating a 19 kW engine, riders are propelled forward with a thrust of 135 kg and a max weight of 140 kg.
The LOAWAI’s handlebar grip incorporates gears that effortlessly adjust your speed within seconds, enabling quick and powerful acceleration. Its user-friendly build suits beginners while its highest speed functions remain a challenge even for seasoned water sport enthusiasts.
Our Research & Development team in Hamburg has engineered a system with perfect grip for facing steep waves, working seamlessly with slight shifts in weight placement to fine-tune the user’s speed. The LOAWAI is also suitable for fun in pairs as it is powerful enough to pull a wakeboard or water ring.

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Its Plug & Play interchangeable batteries are hassle-free and can be instantly replaced for a new charged-up ride during breaks when surfers are interrupted by severe wind and wave conditions.

Try your hand with the LOAWAI today for surfing as you’ve never experienced it before!


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