Peter Diving System


A ground-breaking system for multi-user divingthat supplies air from the surface for a safe, easyand comfortable diving experience.

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Innovation toward simplicity bringing
together the safest, lightest, most compact and versatile diving system with
endless possible applications.


  • Internationally certified under EN 250:2001
  • Tested by Spanish Maritime Rescue
  • Main tool for scientists working in marine research and conservation
  • Operated by the best recreational diving centers with the highest standards
  • Raft designed by renowned naval architechts
  • Excellent online reputation
  • With the support of the International Commerce Institute of Spain and the European Union.

PETER Diving System offers a rendez-vous with underwater wildlife through a direct experience in which one can enjoy diving with complete
confidence and peace of mind.
Dive with PETER, dive the easy way! Many diving and water-sport centres have
already opted for the reliability and functional value of the PETER Diving concept, adding it to their range services.
Easily and quickly increase marketing and operational efficiency, opening the possibility to encounter marine life to everyone the safest and easiest way.
The best solution for users of yachts and sailing boats. A complementary leisure item within the range of water toys also serving as a highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying various maintenance tasks and essential to solve underwater emergencies. The ultimate addition to the yacht charter toy range.

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PETER Basic, PETER Carbon Kit, Steel tank 12L, Carbon tank 12L, Extra Diver\'s Kit, Quick Connector Hose 8m, LED pressure indicator

Technical details

PETER Yacht Corporation, S.L., hereby states that
given its technical characteristics, this equipment set is suitable solely and exclusively for
private use, declaring as completely forbidden
devoting its use to public, commercial or business activities relating to rental, outings or other.
in the case that you are interested in undertaking
commercial o professional operations with the
PETER Diving System, this will need to be subject
to the guidelines of the PETER Diving Group and
always with the relevant authorisation.
PETER Yacht Corporation, S.L. is exonerated
from any liability arising from breach of local
regulations for the use of PETER Diving System,
it being the obligation of the user to know and
comply with the regulations of the territory in
PETER Yacht Corporation, S.L. recommends to
dive to a maximum depth of 6 meters where no
decompresion risk ever occurs (Van Liew & Flynn,
2005). Users without experience or certification
must always be supervised by a professional
with the corresponding official PETER Guide
Only certified and highly experienced divers may
reach deeper depths than 6m.
The PETER Diving System was designed for
shallow diving to a maximum depth of 6m.
Anybody not respecting this limit does it entirely
at their own risk.


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